How to start with pay for performance

Results-based Marketing & Advertising

It’s what you should have been getting all along.

The first step in getting started with Pay for Performance services is simple…

…you fill out the form on our Contact page and we email or call you to set up a initial phone call. This call usually runs 30 to 40 minutes – but can go longer if you need it to.

During the first call we will ask questions about your business and share a bit more about our process and how we work.

At the end of that call, we will both know if we want to take another step forward toward working together.

To prepare for the second call most businesses need to gather information we identified from the first call.

We will email you a brief Pay for Performance checklist that helps you gather the info needed for the second call.

The second call is more in-depth and this is where we help you get a more complete picture of what we can do based on the specifics of your business.

When this second call is finished, we will either part as friends or will have decided to start working together.

Before starting we will email you a proposal to sign off on and when we receive a copy back from you, we will begin the proposed work.

Start now!

There is no better advertising and marketing investment for your business than one that consistently exceeds paying for itself.

Free ROI Tools

Free ROI Tools

Get access to our tools that literally show you where the money is and what it takes (what we do and focus on) to produce the results that will blow your socks off.

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