We specialize in Pay for Performance Advertising and Marketing. This means we get paid based on the results we produce for you. We can work with either your advertising, your marketing, or integrate both to maximize your results. We prefer integrating both since they are intrinsically connected and most businesses would rather get maximized, exponential results than a fraction of what is possible.

Pay For Performance Advertising
Our process for doing Pay for Performance advertising is very straightforward. We sometimes start with PPC (pay-per-click ads) and go one of two directions:

  1. We look at your exiting PPC account(s) and find ways to make them more effective, or
  2. We set up one or more PPC accounts for your business and start implementing our ad creation, ad testing, and campaign improvement process.

Google, Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter and other well-known sites have a PPC program. We choose where to start based on your target markets and other factors. This is one of the fastest way to start the ball rolling.

Pay For Performance Marketing
On the marketing side, we can look at what you are already doing in that area and make improvements there, too. So we can review your email marketing, social media, video marketing, etc. and find ways to make it more effective. This is where content strategy, creation and distribution becomes very important.

In all cases we will be reviewing your website to identify conversion optimization improvements and testing, measuring, and monitoring results to improve wherever possible. In some cases we will require you to make some improvements to your site before we will spend our time driving more traffic or leads to it. That’s because we don’t want to waste our efforts sending prospects to a website that can’t or won’t convert that traffic.

In the event that you don’t have the resources to update your site as needed, we can either run that as a separate project or combine it with what we will be doing as the first step. We can make whatever changes or updates your site will need. And in some extreme cases, a website will need a complete overhaul because there’s just too much wrong or out of place.

We prefer Pay for Performance projects that require as little work on your site as possible because we can start getting you results sooner rather than later. But you must understand that part of the reason why you are not getting the results you want is because you are not seeing your site, your advertising, or your marketing as we do. We have a totally exterior view of your business than you do, we play no favorites, and we don’t have any emotional attachment to your business, your site or your brand.

How much money, time or effort that has gone into something you’ve done in the past may have nothing to do with how it’s paying off for you now. Sometimes you have to cut loose the dead weight to gain altitude.

Our focus is strictly on what works effectively – otherwise we make nothing from working with you.

To see if we’re a good fit for your project, we like to set up an initial phone conversation to review your business with you. We have a few basic questions and once we go over those on the call, both you and we know if we want to move to the next step.

If so, we will send you a more formal list of questions to help you gather some important numbers and customer data. You get a few days to gather that info, then send it back to us and we have another call to review that info together.

Based on those 2 conversations we will put together a proposal for services and once we get your signature on that agreement, we begin your project. We will supply a basic Pay for Performance agreement in most cases, but there is no month-to-month contract required to begin. Once you see the results from our efforts, we’re confident you’ll want to formalize the relationship.

To set up our first conversation, fill out the form below.

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