Pay For Performance - What we Do

How we approach the work

We can make it as simple or as complex as it needs to be – but let’s start simple.

How is your business doing right now?

When we talk with a business about doing work on a performance basis, we initially look at the situation the company is in right now. Your business will usually fall into one of these categories:

  • Your business is already doing well – Sometimes a business makes a certain amount of progress promoting itself, but finally hits a ceiling where they want and need more results. That’s where we can help.
  • Your business is struggling a bit – Sometimes a business doesn’t know how to market their products or services well to begin with or they do it poorly. They know how to deliver their services and might be able to get by with selling to whomever finds them through random chance, but at some point they realize they need more expertise. Fixing this is right down our alley.
  • Your business is confused or licking its wounds – Sometimes a business owner has too much pride to hire an advertising or marketing expert. Or they do take a chance and get burned a few times, then they have little money left and little trust in working with someone like that again. They forgot that for something to work correctly, it has to be done correctly to begin with – or requires gradual, sequential improvements. As a result they become jaded to the point where they don’t think any of it works. We can help, but the business owner really needs to be willing to start fresh and let the past be the past.
  • Your business is gasping for air – Sometimes a business struggles to make ends meet or experiments with various things hoping to hit the jackpot. They somehow got the idea that it was supposed to be easy and before they know it they’ve wasted a lot of time, money and effort doing things they really had no clue about to begin with.Then one day when they’ve run out of money they wake up to the fact that they will soon be shutting their doors forever if they don’t find a solution soon. We can help here, too, but you really need to be open to drastic changes based on how deep the hole is that you’ve dug for yourself.

There are also combinations of the above that can make a project more than challenging. In almost all cases businesses want results ASAP. Most of the time, Pay for Performance can deliver, but it never means that the results we can produce will be enough on a short-term basis to save a failing company.

Solving Your Advertising And Marketing Problems

Each of the above scenarios calls for a different handling of the situation. The worse the situation for the business, the more likely that there are compounded issues that have lead to the seriousness of the problem. So the ultimate solution or even a temporarily workable one usually requires more than just getting new customers in the door.

In many cases, the more extreme the situation, the more extreme is the solution required to reverse it. And often, the business owner or those running the business can’t adapt to the extreme solution because they are too comfortable with the rut they are in and the bad business habits which they’ve allowed to run their business into the ground.

It doesn’t mean Pay for Performance can’t help. But if your business is in trouble and you need our services, you must be willing to let us do what we do. There are situations where we sometimes have to tell you what to do and it is going to be quite different than what you’ve been doing in the past.

If you need more than what you’re getting from your advertising and marketing, you may need to change something to see different results. You may need to shift your attitude and adapt to a different way of thinking about your business, your sales, and your profitability. That’s the bottom line.

If you aren’t open to this then we aren’t a good fit to begin with. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results is not what we’re about.

Our Pay For Performance Services

We provide a variety of Pay for Performance advertising and marketing services (pay-per-click advertising, print advertising, direct mail, email marketing, traffic conversion optimization, affiliate marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, video marketing and more) where we get paid based on the results we generate over and above what your current efforts are already producing.

This means you don’t pay for fluff or waste or incompetence. You pay if, only if, and when we make results happen for your business.

Our services pay for themselves. Our fee is a percentage of results and varies per project based on your opportunities, the limitations in your business, your competition, how much more business you are able to handle with your existing resources, and other factors. In many cases there are no additional out-of-pocket costs to get started.

This doesn’t mean that we go out and spend our money so we can make you more money. We are not your bank or a financial lending institution, we are not venture capitalists, nor do we provide angel funding.

We also don’t do this type of work so that you can pay us a small pittance for our efforts. We are not hourly wage earners here.

Who, in their right mind, would do the serious, hard work to build someone else’s business, getting paid as an hourly wage earner, only to have all that hard work belong to a business they don’t own?

An employee.

We are not your employee. We know the value of taking your business to a whole new level by doing what we do. So we expect to negotiate appropriate compensation for generating the results, sales, and profits you don’t have and aren’t likely going to get without our help.

For example, if there is advertising you are already spending money on and you want a better ROI, we make it more effective.

If you need to do advertising and are not currently doing that, we can do it for you more effectively to begin with.

In either case, you still need to pay for your own advertising.


Good question.

Here’s the answer…

Like we mentioned above, we are not your bank. But beyond that, we don’t get to run your business for you. You may have staff, policy, procedures, or other operational issues that can affect your ability to get more results from our getting you more leads and inquiries.

For example, if we pay out-of-pocket to get your phone to ring more often with targeted inquiries, but how you handle the calls flubs the opportunities, it’s wasted time effort, money and resources for us.

We don’t control your sales process (although we often advise on how to improve it).

Also, your website might look nice, but be terrible at converting visitors into inquiries. If you know this is a problem or if you knew how to fix it, you’d probably already have done that.

Recognizing those issues and knowing how to resolve them is additional value we bring to the table.

But again, if your business lacks the things needed to effectively turn leads into sales, that’s on you. We can guide you to what’s needed and even correct those things for you for a fee.

If the advertising and/or marketing you have in place now is ineffective, and that’s evident because of the lack of results you’re currently getting, it may negatively affect results we produce.

We may require fixing some of those most critical points before getting your project underway if we feel a project will fail without them working more effectively – like if you have web pages that can’t or don’t convert.

There’s not much point in driving buyers to a web site that can’t convert visitors into inquiries or sales.

If your team’s efforts in advertising and marketing were already working to the maximum, you wouldn’t need us to begin with. That’s why we approach the work the way we do.

If you were in our position you’d probably feel the same way.

The Solutions You Need Now

Ultimately, you have to understand one thing – we wouldn’t be offering to get paid after the fact if we didn’t believe we could deliver. You being willing and open to following our lead is where you will see the most results.

If all the above sounds a bit too harsh, realize that we’re not messing around here. It’s tough love because we’re the ones at risk in this program.

We’re not your employee – we’re your solution.

Start now!

There is no better advertising and marketing investment for your business than one that consistently exceeds paying for itself.