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We identify your opportunities and execute the plan to make them a reality – or it’s on us.

The reason you need our Pay for Performance services is simple…

  1. You don’t want to pay for advertising and marketing that doesn’t work.
  2. We only get paid if and when we produce results over and above what you are already getting (Pay for Performance).
  3. It’s a match made in heaven.

It’s not that advertising and marketing don’t work – you know it does and you will be paying for those services anyway. Putting $50 or $500 into your business and consistently getting $100, or $1,000 back over and over is a no-brainer.

What you don’t want to pay for are fees to the firm who is supposed to make your advertising and marketing dollar work for you with better results, but doesn’t.

Of course, you can continue to gamble your marketing dollars on other firms or consultants that expect to get paid regardless of how their services perform. But if you’ve been through that already, maybe many times, you already know you want and need something better.

We further your Pay for Performance education

Unless you are currently doing some form of Pay for Performance advertising or marketing (or have in the past) you probably aren’t paying attention to some of the most critical areas and financial numbers in your business.

For our methodology to work effectively, it is crucial that you understand the financial numbers behind your customer acquisition. And as a result of our process, you’ll get this education if you don’t have it already.

The areas we focus on specifically relate to the most valuable aspects of your marketing and advertising. For example, Lifetime Customer Value and Customer Conversion/Acquisition Costs are some of the most important numbers for you to determine, but other numbers are also important.

For example, how much can you spend (or should you spend) to acquire each new customer? Some customers are worth more than others. Some buy more often or refer more new customers than others.

Do you need a system to just get more of your best customers and do so cost-effectively or can you justify how and why to also get customers that are not so profitable initially?

A higher level of marketing awareness is an important aspect of what makes our solution work. So if you’re not open to learning more about your business and more about your marketing, our Pay for Performance service probably isn’t for you.

Providing you with a clear overall picture of where your marketing is succeeding, struggling, or failing is the foundation of our process. And we walk you through it step-by-step so you see exactly what is working, what isn’t, and why.

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There is no better advertising and marketing investment than one that pays for itself.