Most every business that’s been around a while has advertised at one point or another. And most every business has seen advertising fall short of expectations.

There are a variety of issues we have with advertising, but the biggest problem with advertising is that businesses that use it seldom approach it from a scientific point of view. Instead, they often expect to hit a home run without doing research, testing, or effectively targeting the market.

Advertising and marketing shouldn’t be considered an artistic impulse.

Businesses often try to be creative and use ads that either say nothing specific or valuable or attention-getting. They seldom make a compelling offer. In short, they usually try to impress or pump their own ego or be funny or something else – instead of trying to elicit a direct, immediate response.

Effective advertising is based on getting a result or a response as quickly as possible – within seconds or minutes. Maybe a couple of hours.

Not weeks or months later after you’ve spent a bankroll “establishing your brand”.

Our version of advertising and marketing is about finding out what works and getting results as soon as possible.

It may be boring to you. It may not be worded the way you prefer. It may use images or design that are not your or our favorites.

It may not be focused on your brand as much as you would like. It may never win an award. We don’t care and you shouldn’t either. The goal is to be EFFECTIVE.

It should never be insulting. It should never be considered stupid. It should never be unprofessional. Your integrity MUST be maintained.

But it should get results, and that’s what matters.

The point is that effective advertising is based on what is proven to work, not your (or our) personal preferences. Finding out what works requires testing. Testing requires a process and takes time. Many businesses see this as an unnecessary delay instead of an insightful advantage.

And that’s where so many business struggle by chasing “instant results” and then are disappointed with the lack of results. The expectation of instant results is a “greed” mentality. It’s a “hyped” marketing mentality – a desperate mentality.

It’s not a “smart business” mentality.

The biggest problem with advertising isn’t that it doesn’t work or is hit and miss. The problem is that there’s a right way and a wrong way. Impatience, carelessness and ignoring the basic principles of effective advertising marketing make it a losing proposition.

And a lot of advertising sources will take advantage of you and your desperation.

Our Pay For Performance Advertising methodology ensures that regardless of what you know or don’t know about advertising, we generate results or we don’t get paid. It’s that simple.

Get advertising that works. Get advertising that is an investment. Get pay for performance advertising and get more leads, more sales, and more profits that ever before.