Pay For Performance Advertising and Marketing


If you are frustrated (or down right pissed off) from hiring advertising and marketing services that still take your money after making excuses for little or no results…

Stop buying those services!

Smart business owners know that when they pay for advertising and marketing performance (instead of flat fees or hourly rates) they reduce much of the waste and financial risk in growing their business.

Historically, advertising and marketing services have long been paid too much for too little. We believe it’s time those services that have been taking your money hold themselves accountable for generating results, stop making excuses, and finally start delivering what they claim (or insinuate) when they promote their solutions with pie-in-the-sky sales pitches.

Just getting you “more exposure” is BS if it doesn’t include more leads, more inquiries, and more sales than you are already getting. Ask those advertising and marketing vendors of yours if they would consider some sort of Pay for Performance agreement. Most won’t. That’s because…

  1. By doing Pay for Performance Advertising and Marketing they can’t stay in business.
  2. They don’t even know how to set up a workable Pay for Performance program to begin with.

The Pay For Performance Challenge

For many advertising and marketing services, producing less (or virtually nothing) is the norm. It has become “business as usual”. And because many of those services also bill you based on how much you spend, it’s in THEIR best interests to use the excuse that, “You need to spend more to get more exposure”.

REALITY CHECK:  Just getting more exposure doesn’t guarantee more sales!

Converting leads and inquiries produces sales

BOTTOM LINE:  You either need to convert your existing leads at a higher level and/or you need more leads and inquiries in order to make more conversions to sales.

Businesses are ‘sold’ high expectations in the beginning and then ‘delivered’ excuses when the results are below those initial expectations. As a result, most business owners are not aware of how successful advertising and marketing can really be when it is maximized. But this requires a different approach than what you may have been shown or sold in the past.

Yes, there are often risks with advertising and marketing, but they can be and should be avoided with the right approach.

If your efforts in the areas of advertising or marketing have leveled out or tapered off and you want more leads, customers and sales, we should talk.

You need Pay for Performance RESULTS.

If you are tired of getting ripped off or over-charged for lackluster advertising and marketing services, it’s time to move away from the common acceptance of advertising and marketing that falls short. You need to commit your business to results-based, scientific, and completely measurable Pay for Performance solutions.

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