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We like being held accountable for results.

Pay for Performance Advertising Approach – This is how we do it…

Our pay for performance advertising approach is fairly simple. We know what works, we build on that knowledge with fresh data backed by AI insights, and we execute to perfection.

When we talk with a business about doing work on a performance basis, we can’t help but also look at the situation the company is in right now.After all, a clear view of the situation is the basic foundation we’re going to be building on.

Your business will usually fall into one of these categories:

  • Your business is already doing well – Sometimes a business makes a certain amount of progress promoting itself, but finally hits a ceiling where they want and need more results. That’s where we can help.
  • Your business is struggling a bit – Sometimes a business doesn’t know how to market their products or services well, to begin with, or they do it poorly. They know how to deliver their services and might be able to get by with selling to whoever finds them through random chance, but at some point, they realize they need more expertise. Fixing this is right down our alley.
  • Your business is confused or licking its wounds – Sometimes a business owner has too much pride to hire an advertising or marketing expert. Or they do take a chance and get burned a few times, then they have little money left and little trust in working with someone like that again. They forgot that for something to work correctly, it has to be done correctly, to begin with – or requires gradual, sequential improvements. As a result, they become jaded to the point where they don’t think any of it works.

    We can help, but the business owner really needs to be willing to start fresh and let the past be the past.

  • Your business is gasping for air – Sometimes a business struggles to make ends meet or experiments with various things hoping to hit the jackpot. They somehow got the idea that it was supposed to be easy and before they know it they’ve wasted a lot of time, money, and effort doing things they really had no clue about, to begin with. Then one day when they’ve run out of money they wake up to the fact that they will soon be shutting their doors forever if they don’t find a solution soon. We can help here, too, but you really need to be open to drastic changes based on how deep the hole is that you’ve dug for yourself.

In almost all cases businesses want results ASAP. Most of the time, Pay for Performance can deliver, but it never means that the results we can produce will be enough on a short-term basis to save a fast-failing company.

 Pay For Performance Prerequisites

We cover the pay for performance requirements in more detail after we talk with you, but here’s a short list of a lot of what is required.

  1. We start with Google Ads – We can debate it, but the fact remains that even though we can advertise on social (and we do for some projects), it’s still “social”. While there are great advertising opportunities on Facebook and other social venues, they are primarily still “social” venues for social activities, first and foremost. Google Ads are are more clearly positioned for direct and intentional searches for what you offer, so that’s where we start.
  2. No existing Google Ads – If you are not or have never done google Ads, we can still work with you, but we’ll need to establish a baseline to measure results from. We cover this in depth on a phone call.
  3. Current Google Ads – You are already doing Google Ads – GREAT! This provides us with a track record so that both of us can see what results have been generated up to this point. Now we can show you what we can do over and above what you already have!
  4. No account takeover – While we need to see whatever results you’ve been getting, we generally don’t take over existing accounts. We may need to set up some new landing pages, add some phone numbers to the ads for tracking, and more. It’s no cost to you until we can prove to you it’s all worthwhile in the results we’ve generated.
  5. We do our thing – When it comes to us doing what we do to get results, it’s not open for debate. We decide what graphics, landing pages, messaging and various other marketing and design choices are to be made. We are basing a lot of our work off proven strategies and activities. Since it’s our livelihood is on the line and you’re wanting our solution, we control how “our” solution works.
  6. We follow industry Best Practices – We stay legal and law-abiding, avoid questionable ethics and moral issues by just not getting involved in those businesses or situations to begin with. If your business crosses into a “gray area”, we don’t judge. We just avoid issues altogether and may have to turn you down. We like to focus on the work we enjoy without extra hassles.

Like we said, there’s a bit more to know in getting started, but if the above scares you off, it’s for the better. We wish you well and good luck.

If you’re still good to go or need more info, let’s talk!

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