The Best Businesses for Pay For Performance Advertising

Business categories

All businesses can benefit from more effective advertising.

The Businesses That Do Best With Pay For Performance Advertising Services.

In our opinion and with our approach, no one business type will do best with Pay For Performance Advertising services. Most any business has the opportunities we find exposed everywhere.

We focus on the competitive situations that allow us to win more quickly for our clients – no matter their business type. After all, if you’re going to double your business, do you want that result sooner or later?

You’ll see below a few of the types of business types we’ve worked with, but it’s not a complete list. We’ve done extensive work for eCommerce sites and hit our share of home runs there, but we’re currently only considering eCommerce sites in special situations.

Most any legal and ethical business is considered our fair game.

If your business isn’t on the list…

No worries if your business doesn’t appear on the list below. These are just some of the categories from our more recent clients. We show you these to illustrate the diversity and variety our services can provide results for. Consider it a “short list”.

We do not refuse new clients just because they aren’t on this list.

Accounting/CPA – Professional Services

Auto Services – Body Shop

Auto Services – Repair General/Mechanic

Chiropractor – General

Chiropractor – Pain Areas

Dental – Cosmetic Dentistry

Dental – Dental Implants / Dentures

Dental – General Dentistry

Dental – Orthodontist / Invisalign

Doctor – General Practitioner

Doctor – Urgent Care

Electrical – General Electrician

Electrical – Need Specific

Electrical – Rewiring

Funeral Services – Cremation

Funeral Services – General

House Cleaning – Carpet

House Cleaning – General Cleaning

HVAC – AC Installation/Repair/Service

HVAC – Commercial

HVAC – General

HVAC – Heat Installation/Repair/Service

Landscaping – Artificial Lawn

Landscaping – Fence Company

Landscaping – General

Landscaping – Hardscaping

Landscaping – Sprinkler Systems

Legal – Bankruptcy – General

Legal – Criminal – Defense Lawyer

Legal – Criminal – DUI/DWI Lawyer

Legal – Estate Planning – General

Legal – Estate Planning – Probate

Legal – Family – Child Custody

Legal – Family – Divorce

Legal – Family – General

Legal – Immigration Lawyer – General

Legal – Personal Injury – General & Vehicle Accident

Legal – Workman’s Compensation Law

Moving & Storage – Movers

Moving & Storage – Storage Solutions

Paving – Commercial

Paving – General / Driveways

Pest Control – General

Pest Control – Indoor Bugs

Pest Control – Indoor Mammals

Pest Control – Mosquito

Physical Therapy – General

Plumbing – Service Plumber

Plumbing – Water Heater

Restoration – Basement Waterproofing

Remodeling – Bathroom

Remodeling – Countertops

Remodeling – Kitchen

Remodeling – Window Replacement

Roofing – General (Residential/Commercial)

Roofing – Metal Roofs

Roofing – Storm Damage

Solar Panels – General

Water Damage – General

Water Damage – Mold Remediation

Weight Loss – Coolsculpting

Weight Loss – General

Weight Loss – Medical

Aside from the above, our approach most often starts with a business that is already running Google Ads. You will see on average, 25%-30% increases in 15-30 days – often even sooner. 

From there, we continue to optimize, refine and improve further.

We also work with businesses that are not yet running Google Ads, but our fees are structured a bit differently since you have no baseline for us to produce “Over and Above” results.

Your takeaway from this should be clear. We are pay-for-performance. If you don’t get results you feel are worth paying for – there’s no charge.

It’s just that simple.

You have nothing to lose by having us go to work for your business for 30 days at our cost. You either like our work and want to continue, or you don’t and we part as friends.

Give us a chance to impress you.

Start now!

There's no better advertising investment for your business than one that consistently exceeds paying for itself.

That's Pay For Performance Advertising.

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