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WHAT WE DO In Pay For Performance Advertising

Redefining Your Expectations

We have technology your current provider only dreams about.

What we do in Pay For Performance Advertising is no where near what you’d expect.

In a Pay for Performance Advertising service, you expect to get results before you pay for them. That’s pretty much what anyone and everyone should be getting and planning on.

What we do that’s a little different – or a lot different depending on what you value from your advertising – is how we go beyond just producing an improved, measurable result over and above what you’re already getting.

We discover competitive insights and advantages we use to give you a razor-sharp edge that other advertising services can’t come close to.

Here’s an example…

Let’s say we want a competitive advantage on your competition who are advertising from 9 to 5pm during the week days.

We want to see specific ads they are running during that time. Do the ads change or stay consistent and for which of your competitors throughout the day?

Are they are running those same ads or different ads before, during, or after that time period?

We also want to know if and when they discontinue running those ads Рdid ads become ineffective? Are they testing ads, too?

Well, of course we’ll want to see that with all the other data.

So how many actual competitors do you have for any given ad, at any given time, on any given day – and for any given keyword?

What are their keywords for those ads? What are their actual ads?

Are there gaps in your ad schedule where your ads could/should be running where your competitor’s are not? In other words, are there any time slots during a 24 hour period where you have less or no competition to be running ads?

Should you run existing or different ads during those times?

Are there any keywords that you could or should be targeting that aren’t being used in your account, but we see being used in your competitor’s accounts?

Do we need to know if those competitive ads are successful before committing to them? (Yes!)

Are you running ads for search terms that seem like they’d be appropriate for your business – but those ads have NEVER produced meaningful results or conversions?

This could be a huge waste of your advertising investment, right? (Right!)

Are competitors profitably targeting keywords you need to add to your campaigns?

Would it be useful to know which of your fellow advertisers targeting the same keywords as you are your local competitors – or if those ads being run by Google as Google service Ads?

Of course it would.

The more insights you have being applied to your campaigns, the more successful they will be – it’s that simple.

It’s like seeing around corners, looking through walls, and having vision beyond the horizon.

What we do in Pay For Performance Advertising redefines the industry before it’s even caught up with us.

These are all very useful and valuable insights you or your advertising team just don’t have access to.

Why? Because you don’t have the technology we have and neither does the person or company you’re currently using for your Google Ads campaigns.

Why? Well, as of this writing, we haven’t offered it to the public or advertising industry.

These insights paint your competitive landscape in high-resolution detail and allow the picking apart of almost infinite opportunities and advantages in your advertising.

It’s an advancement in technology that redefines “game-changing”.

You get a beyond-exponential advantage in your marketplace.

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There's no better advertising investment for your business than one that consistently exceeds paying for itself.

That's Pay For Performance Advertising.

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